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Laser Maze Games For Sale: How to Choose the Right One

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vault-3With all the thrilling adventure and hours of fun they provide, laser mazes have become one of the top attractions at family entertainment centers around the world. Each system has its own mission to be accomplished and built-in set of features and brings customers coming back over and over again. If you’re ready for your own facility to enjoy big profits while offering something unique to the community, it’s probably a good time to invest in the excitement of a laser challenge. You might see that there are numerous laser maze games for sale on the market, so consider each of the following elements to make sure you choose the one that’s most suitable for your family establishment.


Price is a big factor when it comes to almost any kind of purchase, especially when you’re trying to run a lucrative business. Fortunately, laser maze games are developed for different price points, so no matter what your budget may be, there should be a system out there that fits within it. While facility owners generally find the return on investment to be well worth every penny on these attractions, your earnings will also depend on things like how much you charge to play and how many players can participate at one time.

Skill Level

Another thing to keep in mind is the skill level of the customers that you want to cater to. If your family fun center is a place where teens and older kids come to hang out, the more advanced systems are likely to be most appealing to them. However, if you see more family foot traffic with younger children, a laser maze with a beginner skill level may be more appropriate. And if you just aren’t sure which would be best, there’s always the option of getting a maze that comes equipped with easy, intermediate and hard levels.


There are a wide variety of features that can be included on laser games for sale, so it’s a good idea to know which ones you prefer to have because some companies even give clients the opportunity to customize their own mazes. Some of the most popular features are mirrors, haze, black lights, special effects and interactive devices.

Ability to Change Layout

Purchasing a laser system that gives you the ability to change its layout from time to time will keep things fresh and exciting for your patrons. Instead of going out and buying a whole new attraction again, it’s as simple as rearranging the laser beams around to create different pathways and new challenges that haven’t been conquered yet.

For high quality interactive and adventurous family fun, check out our assortment of laser maze games for sale.

How a Lazer Mazers laser maze benefitted my FEC

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Having been in the family entertainment business for over thirty years and operating a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) for the past fifteen, I can tell you that keeping the mix of attractions your facility offers fresh and exciting is paramount. The public demands and expects new and challenging experiences when they visit their local entertainment venues. Keeping the balance between those activities that appeal primarily to teens and those that are attractive to a larger demographic is also vital. You must also consider whether the activity will be supported largely by your male customers or will it draw a larger female audience. All the while, the primary objective of adding any new attraction, game or venue has to be kept in mind…HOW MUCH MONEY WILL IT MAKE ME?

Several years ago, while contemplating what more we could offer our customers, I began looking around our facility for space that wasn’t providing much of a return on its investment in terms of space it was occupying. I quickly identified an extra birthday party room that was rarely used. It occupied approximately 180 square feet and was located immediately adjacent to our arcade.

After attending trade shows and searching for just the right “thing” to put in this underutilized space, I finally decided a laser maze would be a good fit. I consider that decision to be one of the best I’ve made. After nearly three years of operating “The Vault Assualt” laser maze by Lazer Mazers I am continuously amazed at how well it fills voids in our attraction mix that I didn’t even know we had. Here are just some of the benefits and observations I’ve made:

  1. A Lazer Mazers’ laser maze is surprisingly inexpensive to purchase. In our case, since we already had the room and only had to add one wall and a door, the remodel expense was practically nil. Our total investment was well under $30,000.
  2. The laser maze footprint is very small. Occupying an area not much bigger than a large storage closet (our is 9’ x 20’) the Lazer Mazers’ system doesn’t require a large commitment in terms of real estate. Taking up about the same space that three or four video games would have occupied we, instead, have a major attraction.
  3. The ROI is incredible. Instead of taking years to pay off, even a small entertainment center with relatively low attendance can expect to earn back their investment in a matter of months. Because Lazer Mazers’ pricing strategy is extremely competitive and due to the highly addictive nature of laser mazes in general, we had our entire investment back in less than one season.
  4. Laser mazes appeal to a broad demographic. Unlike our go carts, rock wall and laser tag which target primarily teenage males, our laser maze venue is popular with both sexes and customers from the ages 4 to 40 line up to participate.
  5. Girls and women dominate the game. At the risk of coming across as sexist, females are just better “built” to navigate the intricate web of lasers. Girls are generally smaller, more flexible, and seem to be able to think better “three dimensionally” than their male counterparts. After being run off the road on our go carts, “out gunned” in our laser tag arena and out climbed on our rock wall the ladies finally get even by humiliating their brothers, dates, dads and husbands at the laser maze. As you know, guy’s egos can’t take defeat well so they frequently buy two or three more tickets just to try and outscore the girls!
  6. The ticket price and throughput makes a laser maze a huge hit. At our park where mini golf runs seven bucks, a five minute go cart ride is six dollars and a four minute flight simulator costs $5, the four dollar laser maze ticket seems like a bargain. Again, the psychology of entertainment value amazes me. Occasionally I’ll have a parent complain about paying $6 for a five minute go cart ride. That same parent will lay down $4, watch their child blitz through our Lazer Mazers’ laser maze in under a minute and a half, come right back and buy another laser maze ticket and then encourage their son or daughter to go even faster! Although the laser maze ticket is the least expensive ticket we offer, when considering the amount of time it takes to play, the laser maze is our highest earner.

I would encourage anyone thinking about adding a new attraction to their FEC, bowling alley, skating rink, bar, waterpark or whatever to seriously consider a laser maze. The “Cool Factor” is off the charts…lasers intrigue and attracts everyone’s attention. The initial and ongoing capital outlay is minimal. The appeal is broad and the earning capacity is phenomenal! For the dollar amount invested and the space required I can’t think of a better way to entertain your guests.

Lazer Mazers Teams up with Jose Barea and Wrigley’s Gum

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Lazer Mazers helps Wrigley’s Gum and NBA star Jose Barea!

Lazer Mazers recently developed a custom mobile maze to be used for a special promotional tour to market Wrigley’s 5 Gum. This tour was hosted by NBA star Jose Barea and traveled around Barea’s home of Puerto Rico for 4 months.

Lazer Mazers worked with Ten Marketing Group of Puerto Rico to develop custom graphics for inside the maze and a stellar graphics wrap for the exterior of the trailer. The graphics include images of Barea sitting on an alien thrown.

Wrigley’s even commissioned a special scent machine to broadcast their Gum scent throughout the trailer during game play. I have included links to some videos that show Barea playing the maze and the winners of the cash contest sponsored by Wrigley’s.

Lazer Mazer’s Owner Speaks to German Entertainment Industry

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Tom Martin, co-owner of Lazer Mazers, (That’s me!) spoke to EAS attendee’s today about technology in the entertainment industry and was well received by his audience.

Technology is embedded in every facet of our society and has enabled us to create entertainment attractions that immerse us in worlds that before could only be imagined. Designs have recently been focusing on increased interaction between the participants and the attraction. Some companies going so far as creating “Choose your own adventure” type rides and video games that require an audience of hundreds to participate and work together in order to accomplish a goal or win.

This new focus of participatory entertainment is in reaction to many criticisms of technology that is blamed for the unhealthy lifestyles and poor social skills of America’s youth. Most theme parks in Europe cater to physical activities such as ropes courses, climbing walls, surfing on man made waves and all manner of inventive ideas that make fitness fun.

Looking down the average Berlin street you see only a few cars on narrow streets, but many bicyclists in their own lanes and hundreds of fit Berliners walking to and from their daily activities. In fact, parking lots are almost non-existent as most people do not own a car. I have yet to see a single obese German and most could hardly be considered overweight. I believe this is in part due to daily physical activity, and also a very healthy diet. There are many neighborhood markets, but not a single donut shop! Even the bakeries have mostly whole grain breads and few sweets.

I did find a McDonalds, and went in for a soda. I asked for the Extra Large, the biggest they had, but was given a cup that we Americans would call a “small”. I knew there must have been some mistake and asked again, only this time louder and with an over exaggerated use of my hands to show “THIS BIG”. The counter person told me in perfect English that this was in fact the largest cup they had and that any more would not be very good for my health. I looked around the small seating area and sure enough most customers had cups that we usually see on the children’s menu. I felt rebuked as I filled my cup and thought to myself, “Geesh, what’s the big deal. I’m being healthy…after all, I’m getting a DIET Coke!”


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