“The Heist” Affordable Laser Maze

World-renowned art thief, Christoff Hartless, has amassed an incredible collection of stolen art, including priceless paintings, sculptures and, his most treasured piece, the world’s largest diamond. The mission objective for this stunningly beautiful theme is simple; retrieve the giant gem and return it to its rightful owner. To accomplish this mission, players must first enter the museum-like, private and highly secured room where Christoff displays the spoils of his exploits. After navigating the intricate web of security lasers they must then quickly swap out the 18.5 oz. diamond with an identically weighted glass replica to avoid detection by the weight sensors on top of the pedestal where the jewel rests.

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Graphic for 'The Heist' affordable laser maze

As our most affordable laser maze, you simply cannot go wrong with The Heist. This maze will offer a unique and captivating experience for each of your customers as well as a challenge that they’re sure to want to prevail in over and over again. This is a major benefit for you as you continue to see the appeal of your family entertainment center rise along with its income. Contact a Lazer Mazers specialist today to find out more about having The Heist delivered and installed as the newest attraction at your facility.


  • (2) Laser Pods with 12 green 12 red lasers ea.
  • (4) Sensor Pods with 6 sensors each
  • (4) Mirror Pods with 12 mirrors each
  • (1) Computer, with wireless keyboard & mouse
  • (1) LazerMazers game software & license
  • (1) Laser printer
  • (1) 42” HD monitor/TV
  • (1) Super high-res ultra low-light video camera
  • (1) Fog generator
  • (3) Red beacon lights
  • (1) Complete sound system
  • (1) Diamond pedestal with four 4” dia. glass “diamonds”
  • (2) Statue pedestals with 38” tall statues
  • (2) Colored spotlights
  • (2) Illuminated start/finish buttons
  • (7) Large framed blacklight art pieces
  • (7) 2’ blacklight fixtures & lamps
  • (1) One year warranty on all components
  • (1) One year technical support & upgrades
  • All cables, connectors, interfaces, controllers, power supplies, etc.