“THE VAULT” Most Popular Laser Maze

In this scenario, players break into an underground vault shared by some of the world’s most notorious tyrants, despots, drug lords, and criminals. The mission objective is to disable their network’s firewall by gaining access to the terminal inside the vault. To accomplish this, players must first avoid detection by getting past the sophisticated network of lasers, pass a biometric scan of their hand, and enter a revealed code. Only then will their accomplices be able to successfully transfer money from the bad guys’ account into charitable organizations around the world. Each broken beam and error made during code entry results in penalty time and reduces the dollar amount transferred to the charities.

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Graphic for 'The Vault' popular laser maze

The Vault is our best-selling laser maze for many reasons. Our middle-priced maze allows you to receive more features with your purchase and will provide a real challenge for your visitors. We are sure that this state-of-the-art family entertainment center attraction will make your facility stand out as the only place to go in town for an invigorating good time. Call Lazer Mazers today to obtain a free quote and to learn more about the financing options we have available.


  • (2)Laser Pods with 12 green 12 red lasers each
  • (4) Sensor Pods with 6 sensors each
  • (4) Mirror Pods with 12 mirrors each
  • (1) Computer, with wireless keyboard & mouse
  • (1) LazerMazers game software & license
  • (1) Laser printer
  • (1) 42” HD monitor/TV
  • (1) Super high-res ultra low-light video camera
  • (1) Fog generator
  • (3) Red beacon lights
  • (1) Biometric Hand scanner
  • (1) Complete sound system
  • (2) Illuminated start/finish buttons
  • (1) 16 key code entry keypad
  • (1) One year warranty on all components
  • 286 sq. ft. of black light graphics
  • (1) One year technical support & upgrades
  • All cables, connectors, interfaces, controllers, power supplies, etc.