Return on Investment in Six Months or Less

If you’re an operator of a Family Entertainment Center (FEC), roller skating center, bar, bowling center, or are interested in operating a standalone amusement venue at air shows, fairs, carnivals, or any other live event, a Lazer Mazers laser maze can be a perfect addition to any live entertainment experience.  At only 75 seconds per average session, one of our three lazer maze creations or a customized version of your own lazer maze can start turning profits in just six months.  In addition, a Lazer Mazers lazer maze conquest is a destination attraction in and of itself and will surely attract more business to any of your other family fun entertainment activities.

Your return on investment depends primarily on four factors:

  • Pricing (We recommend between $4 and $7 per play).
  • Attendance at location.
  • Hours of operation.
  • The number of players that can play simultaneously.
  • How much overall entertainment center revenue will increase due to adding an additional feature.
  • We recommend maze configurations that allow 25-30 players per hour on average as a target throughput goal. Most locations will recover their initial investment in less than six months, some in as little as three.
  • To download our pro forma for an accurate appraisal of ROI, click here.

The graph above demonstrates a typical return on investment over 12 months. We have added a bar graph that represents a 5% increase in revenue due to the addition of a new attraction at your center based on an annual gross of $500,000.