Lazer Mazers Attempts to Break the Autobahn Speed Record … in a Station Wagon!

When we rented our car for the week over the phone, we told the rep we wanted a big, comfortable, fast car for the Autobahn. He told us we would get a very nice top-of-the line Audi A6. It appears that in Germany, big and comfortable means a station wagon. At least all of our luggage fit in the back!

For a station wagon, it was very fast. It’s hard to know how fast you are going when the speedometer is in Kilometers. We were in the slow lane with our cruise control set at a comfortable 180 KPH and had cars passing us constantly. For a few miles we ventured into the fast lane and kept up with the traffic at 220 KPH, but we were still passed by the occasional Porsche and Ferrari. I have to admit, 220 did seem fast, but 180 KPH seemed normal and I guesstimated that 180 must be around 85 MPH. I was way wrong!  180 KPH equals almost 112 MPH and 220 KPH is around 137 MPH. Those Germans make a mean station wagon!


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