Lazer Mazers Teams up with Jose Barea and Wrigley’s Gum

Lazer Mazers helps Wrigley’s Gum and NBA star Jose Barea!

Lazer Mazers recently developed a custom mobile maze to be used for a special promotional tour to market Wrigley’s 5 Gum. This tour was hosted by NBA star Jose Barea and traveled around Barea’s home of Puerto Rico for 4 months.

Lazer Mazers worked with Ten Marketing Group of Puerto Rico to develop custom graphics for inside the maze and a stellar graphics wrap for the exterior of the trailer. The graphics include images of Barea sitting on an alien thrown.

Wrigley’s even commissioned a special scent machine to broadcast their Gum scent throughout the trailer during game play. I have included links to some videos that show Barea playing the maze and the winners of the cash contest sponsored by Wrigley’s.

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