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  • heist-bg
  • 24 lasers, 2 backlights, and 7 backlight art pieces
  • Weight sensors guard diamonds
  • 4 glass 4″ diamonds
  • Fog Generator and a 42″ HD television
  • Computer, lazer printer, high res video camera, complete sound system
  • 2 statue pedestals and colored spotlights
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THE VAULTMost Popular

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  • vault-bg
  • 24 lasers, 3 red beacon lights.
  • Biometric Hand Scanner and Keypad.
  • 1 computer and a lazer printer.
  • Complete sound system, high res camera.
  • Fog Generator, 42″ HD television.
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  • launch-hover
  • Biometric Hand Scanner and 16 code entry keypad
  • 1 computer, 1 mini-computer, and laser printer
  • Complete sound system, high res camera
  • Fog Generator, 2 42″ HD televisions
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  • Your custom creation installed in 30 days or less
  • Thick adhesive-backed vinyl
  • High quality black-light ink
  • Special Requests
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Are you in the market for a new, innovative way to amp up the fun at your family entertainment center? Well, look no further because Lazer Mazers has exactly what you’ve been searching for. We manufacture and deliver high quality laser mazes like you’ve never experienced before. Our team of family fun experts has put together a variety of options that facilities from all around the world can enjoy.

Our laser challenges are designed to take your customers on a thrilling adventure that is sure to keep them coming back for more. Choose from the Heist, the Vault, the Launch or let us create your very own custom maze to have installed. These mission impossible mazes provide hours of action-packed recreation that the whole family can appreciate. We build laser mazes that are cost-effective and valuable solutions for those wanting to enhance their facility with something new and exhilarating. Our laser challenges promise to impress.

We encourage you to learn more about our products and find the lazer maze that will be the perfect investment for your family entertainment center. Contact us today for more information on partnering with Lazer Mazers to increase your profits as well as your reputation for having the most exciting attractions around.

Additional Products


Mobile Maze

All the excitement of an installed laser maze but with the added flexibility of going mobile!

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Room Kit

This 8×18 foot building is made from extruded aluminum studs and rigid foam walls.

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